2 Days & 1 Night review

During the beginning of 1 Night 2 Days, the show was vigorously contrasted and SBS’s Great Sunday’s Family Exposing and MBC’s Boundless Test, especially on the grounds that Noh Hong-chul was important for both 1 Night 2 Days and Endless Test (which broadcasted on Sundays and Saturdays, respectively).[35] In any case, the idea of the three shows is unique. The idea of 1 Night 2 Days is going out traveling with families and companions, while Endless Test is a test based assortment program with 7 men contending in games.[36]

Smoking and foulness
The episode which broadcasted on July 6, 2008 acquired a great deal of analysis from watchers as a result of a smoking scene.[37] On their outing to Baekdusan, Korea, a scene of MC Mong smoking in the transport was not altered and was circulated. In 2004, every one of the 3 significant telecom stations, KBS, MBC and SBS, consented to preclude smoking scenes being broadcasted before midnight.[38] The assortment program’s chiefs made an authority conciliatory sentiment on July 7 for not appropriately altering the scene prior to circulating the program and it won’t ever happen again.[39][40]

Watchers fought about the “rough scene” on episode 51, which circulated July 20, 2008. The scene was a secret trick of Kang Ho-dong and Kim C getting into a contention to trick the new chief who had joined the show. The creation group expressed that the battle was not purposeful and it left great memories.[41]

On the episode broadcasted September 21, 2008, scenes of Lee Soo-geun smoking in the town was gotten on tape and aired.[42] On the episode circulated December 7, 2008, really drinking and smoking scenes showed up. It was considered unsatisfactory for families watching the show with their children.[43] In the Walk 15, 2009 episode, it was said that Kang Ho-dong had expressed the obscenity “XX-bitch” in one of the scenes. In any case, the creation group rejected that Kang Ho-dong had said something like this on the show and that it was simply commotions during the vehicle ride.[44]

Antarctic outing
It was reported that on Walk 9, 2010, the cast and team of 1 Night 2 Days will go on an outing to Antarctica to visit the Lord Sejong Station. Watchers’ viewpoints were blended, with some reasoning it will be an incredible encounter while others figure they shouldn’t go.[45] In any case, the creation group actually had plans to leave on Walk 9 for the start of recording. A little gathering of the creation group even passed on in February for Chile to get ready for the excursion, yet they had no real option except to leave and get back to Korea in the wake of remaining in Chile for seven days. The explanation was because of a snowstorm that kept them from taking a trip to Antarctica from Chile. The creation group had purchased pristine HD cameras, lighting gear and amplifiers to film the magnificence of Antarctica and carry the best goal to watchers. In any case, because of the 2010 Chile quake on February 27, the creation team needed to look for backup courses of action to get to Antarctica. Tragically, it was declared that the team had chosen to drop their trip.[46][47]

Media reaction and gathering
On December 27, 2008 at the 2008 KBS Diversion Grants, each of the six cast individuals were available at the honor show and played out “Regardless of anything” by Park Sang-chul. The show brought back home five honors – Best Rookie (Assortment), Best Theatrical presentation Essayist, Top Ubiquity Grant, Watcher’s Decision Program, and the Fantastic Award (Daesang).[48] In the Top Fame Grant classification, three out of the four candidates were from 1 Night 2 Days – Eun Jiwon, MC Mong, and Lee Seung-gi, for which Lee won the honor. The Watcher’s Decision Program depended on watcher’s votes through overviews and SMS. Blissful Sunday wound up with 108.3% of the votes, and dragging along them with 40.3% of the votes was Content (Gag Show with 33.1% of votes, A Talk with Delights with 12.9% of the votes and Sang In addition to with 5.3% of the votes).[49][50]

2 Days and 1 Night’s third season got a lot of positive reaction. The main episode of 1 Night 2 Days got exceptionally high watcher evaluations of 14.3% when it previously broadcasted in December 2013.[3] Toward the finish of 2014, Blissful Sunday sections (1 Night 2 Days and The Arrival of Superman) wrapped up with appraisals of 17.9%, trailed by SBS Great Sunday (K-pop Star 4 and Running Man) with 12.1% and MBC Sunday Night (7.8%) with Genuine Men and Father, Where Are You Going?[51] In Walk 2015, KBS’s Cheerful Sunday was in first spot in quite a while of watcher evaluations with 14.7%, destroying SBS’s Great Sunday (Running Man and Deal with My Father) with 11.1% and MBC’s Sunday Night (Creatures and Genuine Men) with 8.4%.[52]

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