England Belongs to’ all-girl Korean punk band Rumkicks

By Jon Dunbar

Multi week prior, the three individuals from Korean troublemaker band Rumkicks were covering “Britain Has a place with Me” by U.K. band Chicken Sparrer in a Seoul storm cellar setting. Barely seven days after the fact, they’ll play similar tune on stages across the U.K.

The all-young lady band has been welcome to the current year’s Defiance Fest, where they’ll show up close by punk legends including the Buzzcocks, Terrible Religion, the Young men, Billy Gloat and ― yes ― Rooster Sparrer.

It’s probably however much any Korean underground band can at any point expect, so how are they getting along now?

“I’ve been getting ready for it for quite a while, yet startling things continue occurring, so I’m really going around a ton. Barely anything is going as expected,” chuckled Yeawon, guitarist and performer of the band.
Rumkicks has been universal in the neighborhood scene for the last short time, as the band is by all accounts arising out of the pandemic as the following energizing non mainstream act hailing from Korea. The band stands out in contrast to everything else in the nearby scene, where the standard for troublemakers has become quieted style and dull varieties. In the mean time, Yeawon and bassist Dorothy go the alternate way, frequently setting their brilliantly colored hair up in freedom spikes and gladly wearing cowhide coats brandishing the patches of their unsurpassed most loved groups.

“As the times transformed, it appears to be a great many people’s style in the roads have become more bound together, and it appears to be this impact has impacted the music scene,” drummer MJ said. “Simply the class of music the vast majority do, and it’s something similar with design. I think the character is vanishing.”

Their actual appearance has gotten them a considerable amount of consideration, both positive and negative.

“Kids respond most absolutely and their folks who are generally terrified of us,” Yeawon said. “Commonly I’ve seen youngsters move pulled away from us subsequent to expressing something like ‘Mother, that hair is peculiar.'”

Now and again the Rumkicks individuals stand out than they’d like, and the web has unquestionably amplified that.

At the point when a Facebook page named “PUNK is all over” with more than 125,000 supporters overall started sharing pictures of the band last year ― with practically no development notice ― the individuals unexpectedly got themselves the focal point of consideration, as well as confronting elevated investigation and in any event, being stood up to by web menaces.

“It would be obviously false to express that there was no psychological mischief,” conceded Yeawon, who is likewise an individual from the unbelievable Korean troublemaker band Rux as well as skatepunk band About Jane. “I cried the entire evening watching the rising number of remarks. I trust everybody bites the dust.”

Accordingly, she concocted the melody “PUNK is no place” delivered last month, made out of disdain remarks the band got.

“Excessively perfect! No rottenness! Too design! Cosplay! Listen Avril tunes!” the melody goes. Then, at that point, Yeawon answers in Korean, “I will not do what you need me to! I won’t wear what you maintain that I should wear! I won’t live the way in which you believe that I should live! Until I pass on you will not be fulfilled!”

“I couldn’t care less about those critics,” MJ said. “There’s both interest and jealousy, and our fame is developing. I think there are different individuals on the grounds that the web world is endless. I don’t think about it literally. The person who continues to go is the victor.”

That wasn’t whenever Rumkicks first transformed a terrible encounter into an extraordinary melody.

In Walk 2021, they delivered “Don’t Contact My Head,” about a battle Yeawon got into once.

“‘Try not to Contact My Head’ is a melody I composed that evening since I was so furious,” she said. “A couple of years prior, I was holding up before the restroom entryway after a gig and felt somebody contacting my hair. I pivoted in shock and tracked down an alcoholic man. He unexpectedly moved like he’d been attempting to smack a mosquito, and guaranteed there was a mosquito on my head. A battle broke out on the spot.”

Despite the fact that she didn’t say precisely the way in which the battle wound up, just that “everybody in the crowd and the groups emerged to help,” this journalist would have no desire to be in the other person’s shoes.

Early this year, Rumkicks delivered “Pleased with Franticness,” a recognition melody for Distraught Pride Seoul, a celebration began in 2019 by ANTICA to bring issues to light of psychological wellness and destigmatize neurodivergent individuals. The melody highlights visitor vocals by Christmas Kwon and SAAE, two individuals from nearby troublemaker band 18Fevers.

“We are glad for our franticness, and our ways of life as intellectually unique individuals,” the band said in an explanation delivered with the tune. “In 2019, the main intellectually assorted individuals depicted in Korean media were lawbreakers. Nonetheless, on Oct. 26, 2019, the delegates of mental variety gladly remained at Gwanghwamun Square. Numerous news sources had a great deal of interest and covered the occasion. The way that traditional press depicted deranged individuals started to change.”

“‘Glad for Franticness’ was composed with the expectation that it could assist with working on the view of individuals with emotional wellness issues,” Yeawon said. “Korea is a nation where the intellectually impeded as well as the truly incapacitated battle to reside.”

MJ added, “When you travel to another country, you can meet different sorts of individuals, yet Korea is by all accounts a country that would rather not concede change and distinction since it is comprised of individuals who are so uniform.”

Thus Rumkicks will go abroad, to a nation where they may be preferred known over in their nation of origin. Above all, they’ll play another show this Saturday at Club Steel Face.
When inquired as to whether the musicians consider Rumkicks a piece of, or if nothing else a recipient of hallyu, or the Korean flood of culture spreading all over the planet, the three bandmates had drastically various responses.

“I think Korea has turned into a further developed country because of culture. Korea will be known more from here on out,” MJ said. “Rumkicks likewise values that Korea is notable, and Rumkicks can act in Britain on account of Korea’s fame.”

However, Dorothy didn’t feel so near the worldwide social peculiarity. “I figure we don’t have a place with the Korean wave on the grounds that our style is so unique,” she said.

Yeawon had the most pessimistic response: “It appears to not have anything to do with the Korean wave,” she said. “Many individuals abroad still say they need to visit Japan to see Rumkicks

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