iconic K-pop stars set for August releases

Huge name K-pop demonstrations to get back to organize this month

By Dong Sun-hwa

August will be one of the greatest months for music fans this year, with a plenty of K-pop fat cats putting out their new music contributions in the midst of boiling temperatures. Probably the most celebrated young lady bunches like Young ladies’ Age, IVE and Two times are set to get back to organize, while teen pop groups like The Boyz and CIX are additionally planning for their new deliveries.
The primary in the beginning setup is Young ladies’ Age, which is praising the fifteenth commemoration of its presentation this year.

The SM Amusement act will drop its seventh full-length collection, “Everlastingly 1,” on Aug. 5. It will be fronted by the namesake lead single, a pop dance track with a vigorous song that will permit audience members to get feeling merry.

“Through its verses, the individuals will discuss their affection for the people who generally support them,” SM made sense of in an explanation. “KENZIE ― who brought forth the gathering’s various hits like ‘Into The New World’ (2007) and ‘Goodness!’ (2010) ― has again collaborated with the artists, partaking in delivering the impending collection.”

“Everlastingly 1” will likewise convey the tunes including, “Fortunate Like That” and “You Better Run.” The last option is a continuation of Young ladies’ Age’s 2010 delivery “Run Demon Run” and will portray how a lady gets back at an on her, man, SM added.
IVE, one of the most sultry tenderfoot stars in the K-pop scene, is additionally joining the ritzy line up, delivering the new EP, “After Like,” on Aug. 22.

It has required around four months for the sextet to get back to the stage following the outcome of its past delivery, “LOVE Jump.” “LOVE Plunge” as of late surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify, the world’s biggest music streaming stage.

In spite of the fact that insights regarding “After Like” have not been unveiled, the gathering’s organization, Starship Diversion, drifted a mystery video named “I’VE SUMMER FILM” on its true YouTube channel, Sunday. In the clasp, the white-clad individuals read a few lines composed by famous writer Chung Se-rang.

“I figured it would be cold on a stormy day, yet it was not,” Liz describes in the video. “I’m not scared of anything when I’m remaining with you. I didn’t have the foggiest idea how fearless I was until we became companions.”

After every one of the nine individuals restored their agreements with their record mark, JYP Diversion, notable young lady bunch Two times is ready to carry out the little collection, “BETWEEN 1&2,” Aug. 26.

The collection will be fronted by the lead single, “Talk that Discussion,” a late spring melody composed by collapsedone, the writer behind Two times’ hits, for example, “What is Love?” (2018) and “The Feels” (2021).

“BETWEEN 1&2” will likewise offer six additional tunes, including “Sovereign of Hearts,” “Essentials,” and “Inconvenience.” As indicated by JYP, “Sovereign of Hearts” is an English-language melody made by acclaimed songwriting team LDN Commotion. Part Chaeyoung wrote the verses for “Fundamentals,” while Jihyo took part in the general course of making “Inconvenience.”

“Two times individuals composed the verses for their tunes this time, adding the gathering’s melodic style to every one of them,” JYP said in a proclamation, Monday.
Notwithstanding these K-pop sovereigns, male K-pop demonstrations are additionally honing up themselves to vanquish the music scene this month.

Prodigy is planned to put out its 6th small scale collection “Quality” on Aug. 8. The new deliveries by The Boyz and CIX will show up on Aug. 16 and Aug. 22, separately.

Young lady bunch BLACKPINK was wanting to deliver another collection this month too, yet its administration organization YG Diversion declared Monday that the group of four’s collection will hit store racks in September.

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