It’s Beautiful Now review

It’s Delightful Now (Korean: 현재는 아름다워) is a 2022 South Korean TV series featuring Yoon Shi-yoon, Bae Da-container, Gracious Min-suk, Shin Dong-mi, Website optimization Bum-june, and Choi Ye-canister. Coordinated by Kim Seong-geun, the end of the week show portrays the truth of the ongoing age that are hesitant to get hitched and have family.[1][2] It debuted on KBS2 on April 2, 2022 and broadcasted on each saturday and Sunday at 19:55 (KST) till September 18, 2022. Synopsis[edit] The series portrays the account of Lee family whose head is Lee Kyung-cheol (Park In-hwan), the granddad. His child Lee Min-ho (Park Sang-won) and his significant other Han Kyung-ae (Kim Hye-alright) have 3 children. The children are hesitant to wed, so the older folks pronounce that they would give a condo to the child who wed in 6 months or less.
Project and characters[edit] Main[edit] • Yoon Shi-yoon as Lee Hyun-jae
36 years of age, accomplice legal counselor in law office Haejun Gaining practical experience in family (separate/legacy) regulation and criminal regulation. A legal counselor with a high success rate because of his coherent eloquence.[4] • Bae Da-container as Hyun Mi-rae
31 years of age, oldest little girl, a celebrity individual customer, she requests a cancellation of marriage by saying that she was deceitfully married.[5] • Goodness Min-suk as Lee Yun-jae
39 years of age, a dentist.[6] • Shin Dong-mi as Shin Hae-jun
41 years of age, President of law office Haejun, separate from lawyer. She has pound on Yun-jae.[7] • Web optimization Bum-june as Lee Soo-jae
27 years of age, seventh grade public test readiness understudy, most youthful sibling, solid positive self-absorption, doing a seasonal occupation of stacking and dumping at a bundle conveyance administration. He met Na Yu-na at his temporary job.[8] • Choi Ye-receptacle as Na Yu-na
25 years of age, she is the oldest of two children and one girl. She fantasies about turning into a cake cook, she is taking a stab at a pastry shop foundation and furthermore working parttime as a dispatch
Lee family[edit] • Park In-hwan as Lee Kyeong-cheol
79 years of age, head of Igane, Min-ho’s dad, he tried sincerely as a new produce seller.[10] •
o Ji Seung-hyun as youthful Lee Kyeong-cheol[11] • Park Sang-won as Lee Min-ho
60 years of age, Lee Kyeong-cheol’s taken on child, Kyung-ae’s better half, second in command of a center school, father of 3 children.
• Kim Hye-alright as Han Kyung-ae[12] 60 years of age, Min-ho’s significant other, mother of 3 children.
ee expanded family[edit] • Sunwoo Yong-nyeo as Lee Kyung-soon[13] 76 years of age, Lee Kyeong-cheol’s more youthful sister, who moved to the Atlanta, US yet failed and returned to live with her sibling.
• Jung Heung-chae as Choi Man-ri
58 years of age, Lee Kyung-soon’s son.[13] • Kim Ye-ryeong as Yoo Hye-yeong
55 years of age, Choi Man-ri’s wife.[14] • Cha Yeop as Choi Seong-soo[13] 35 years of age, law office chief in Hae-jun’s law office, Lee Hyun-jae’s cousin.
• Hyun Jyu-ni as Lee So-ra[15] 35 years of age, spouse of Choi Seong-soo, She is a nursing right hand in Lee Yoon-jae’s dental facility. Lee So-ra wedded at an age of 20, and has three youngsters.
• Kim Hyo-kyung as Choi Ha-neul
12 years of age, the oldest little girl of Seong-soo thus ra.
• Im Ye-jin as Choi Ba-da
10 years of age, the second little girl of Seong-soo thus ra.
• Kim So-min as Choi Hae
8 years of age, the most youthful child of Seong-soo thus ra.
Hyun family[edit] • Boycott Hyo-jung as Yoon Jung-ja
80 years of age, an effective restauranteur, anything she contacted transformed into money.[16] • Byun Charm min as Hyun Jin-heon[17] 57 years of age, Yoon Jung-ja’s child. Gimbap establishment and in adoration with his better half.
• Park Ji-youthful as Jin Su-jeong[13] 53 years of age, Hyun Jin-heon’s better half. She carried on with an agreeable life and brought forth a girl and a child (Hyun Mi-rae and Hyun Jeong-hoo).
• Kim Kang-min as Hyun Jeong-hoo[18] 27 years of age, Hyun Mi-rae’s more youthful sibling and Head of Bong Food central command. He has squash on Na Yu-na.
Production[edit] In August, it was accounted for that Yoon Shi-yoon has been offered job in the series and he was thinking about it positively.[29] Chief Kim Seong-geun coordinated a KBS weekend show following 2006 end of the week television series Thank You, My Life and 2009 everyday dramatization Jaunty Widows. Park In-hwan and Shin Dong-mi are cooperating after 2019 television series Liver or Bite the dust. Park In-hwan last showed up in KBS weekend show Trust in Adoration in 2011.[30][31] Kim Hye-alright is showing up in KBS weekend dramatizations fourth time. Already, she participated in My Too Amazing Children (2009), Seoyoung, My Little girl (2012) and My Brilliant Life (2017) with KBS.
On Walk 11, photographs from script perusing site were delivered uncovering the site.[13] Creation show of the series was given by Gracious Min-seok, Shin Dong-mi, Yoon Si-yoon, Bae Da-canister, Website design enhancement Bum-june, and Choi Ye-container on April 1, 2022.
Discharge and reception[edit] It’s Delightful Currently started its most memorable transmission on KBS2 on April 2, 2022, and broadcasted on each Saturday and Sunday at 20:00 (KST). According to Nielsen Korea, the 50th episode of the series logged 29.4% cross country appraisals. It likewise pulled in 5.3 million watchers and as of September 18, 2022, it was put at twelfth position among Top 50 series for every cross country watchers in Korea
Others[edit] • Hong Yo-seob as Na Seok-man, Yu-na’s dad
• Melody alright sook as Sok Sook-suk, Yu-na’s mom
• Lee Joo-shil as Jung Mi-youthful
77 years of age, Su-jeong’s mom.
• Choi Su-rin as Jin-ju[19] Su-jeong’s sister by marriage.
• Kwak Hee-ju as Na Wan-ju[20] Na Yu-na’s more youthful sibling.
• Ahn Sang-eun as Satbyul[21] Macaron retailer and Yu-na.
Exceptional appearances[edit] • Bae Charm hee as Yeon Na-young[22][23] • Lee Hyun-jin as Park Jun-hyung[24] 32 years of age, party to the marriage abrogation claim.
• Charm Hyun as Legal executive
• Kim Ji-min as The offended party petitioned for divorce.[25] • Bae Geu-rin as So Youthful eun[26] 36 years of age, ex of Hyun-jae, subsequent to saying a final farewell to Lee Hyun-jae, she wedded the child of a semi-tycoon and observed each other’s guidelines. after 10 years, the two rejoined as legal advisors and separation clients.
• Yoon Bok-in as celebrity client
• Lee Jung-hyuk as Jaehyun, So Youthful eun’s ex-husband.[27] • Nam Bo-ra as Kim Yu-jin, at present suggested dramatists.

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