K-pop fan turned songwriter shares how she wrote ITZY, NMIXX’s hits

UK-conceived Charlotte Wilson discusses her life as K-pop musician

By Dong Sun-hwa

On Sept. 19, musician Charlotte Wilson shed tears as she watched the presentation of “DICE” by tenderfoot K-pop young lady bunch NMIXX at YES24 Live Lobby in eastern Seoul. Seeing the septet make that big appearance with the new tune that she formed caused her to feel very profound, in spite of the fact that it was not whenever that a famous K-pop demonstration first played out her melody.

“NMIXX individuals resemble my younger siblings, and it was a little glimpse of heaven so that me might be able to see them play out my tune,” Wilson told The Korea Times at the paper’s office in focal Seoul, Sept. 20. “Many individuals think I’m truly extreme, however I’m quite personal.”

For Wilson who started creating her own tunes at 12 years old, turning into a K-pop lyricist was her long lasting dream. She fell captivated of Korean music when she was 16, in the wake of watching by chance the “I’m Coming” (2006) music video by Korean artist entertainer Downpour, who is most popular for his uber hits like “Rainism” (2008).

“In spite of the fact that I was unable to comprehend what he was singing about, I actually cherished his music,” Wilson reviewed. “He was attractive and moved very well as well. So I needed to make tunes for specialists like him and started paying attention to additional K-pop tracks sung by bunches like Very Junior and Miss A.”

The 32-year-old, who grew up paying attention to the music of Backstreet Young men and Britney Lances, found K-pop convincing on the grounds that it had an alternate vibe.

“K-pop tunes were rarely exhausting,” she pushed. “They were so irregular and invigorating. I was additionally hypnotized by the visual parts of music recordings and design styles of K-pop artists. Indeed, even in those days, I felt that K-pop would have been something enormous and that the entire world will cherish it, despite the fact that I didn’t have the foggiest idea why I felt like that.”
In any case, the way to the K-pop universe was bumpier than she had anticipated.

Twenty years prior, when K-pop was not however hot as it very well might be today, a little kid from the U.K. could barely get any data about the business on the contrary side of the planet. Disappointed by the truth she confronted, Wilson wound up dumping her fantasy and went to college to concentrate on music and media outlet the executives.

Yet, her enthusiasm for K-pop proceeded. Subsequent to moving on from school, Wilson chose to toss her cap in the ring once more and began to track down additional distributers to pitch whatever number melodies as could be allowed. She additionally didn’t quit preparing to work on her songwriting and recording abilities.

Following quite a long while of difficult work, she at last made a forward leap in her profession in 2019. Her tune, “Not Timid” (2020), was picked as the lead single for the third smaller than usual collection of ITZY, a famous young lady bunch shaped by K-pop force to be reckoned with JYP Diversion. “Not Timid” ― a tune melding the components of pop stone and hip-jump, which was co-composed by JYP’s organizer Park Jin-youthful among others ― made a sprinkle on various music streaming graphs in Korea and then some, with its music video earning in excess of 190 million perspectives on YouTube.

On account of its prosperity, Wilson got to work with additional K-pop superstars, for example, Kai of kid bunch EXO, ENHYPEN and THE BOYZ. She used to function as an IT project director in the daytime, however presently, the skilled musician is excessively occupied to shuffle different jobs. Presently, Wilson is a full-time writer.
“‘Not Modest’ opened the entryway for me,” she said with a brilliant grin. “It showed individuals who I’m, the means by which I compose and how I sound. At the point when I previously got the instrumental rendition of the melody from a distributer, I realized it very well may be for ITZY. So I chose to place its name in the tune so my melody can grab the eye of JYP authorities. I heard nothing from the organization for quite some time (in the wake of submitting it), yet in 2019, I at long last heard that my tune was picked as ITZY’s new lead single. I just couldn’t trust this and in a real sense cried … JYP allowed me the principal opportunity, having faith in something that I had done.”

Gotten some information about the conceivable explanation that JYP picked her tune, Wilson was at first modest. Be that as it may, she said it seemed like her Caribbean foundation helped her utter a remarkable sound.

“I was brought into the world in the U.K., yet I moved to Trinidad and Tobago when I was nine years of age, spending quite a while there,” Wilson said. “Trinidad and Tobago’s neighborhood music is called Calypso ― a sort that arose there during the nineteenth 100 years. It is exceptionally energetic and fun, so when individuals pay attention to ‘Not Bashful,’ they can without much of a stretch notification my Caribbean impact. I likewise gave it a reggae feel. It is so difficult to tell, however perhaps to that end JYP was enamored with the track. A few organizations like to remain in just a single box and simply attempt one sound, however JYP is courageous and it jumps at the chance to play with various sounds and types.”

As should be visible from NMIXX’s “DICE” and “O.O,” Wilson succeeds in uniting different melodic sorts going from jazz to trap and hip-bounce. Many individuals compliment her classification busting style, yet a few pundits guarantee that her tracks sound as well “confounding and tangled.”

Wilson realizes that her tunes are drawing blended responses, yet she doesn’t stress over this to an extreme.

“Music is so emotional and everybody has their own taste,” she said after a snapshot of thought. “Regardless of whether individuals truly comprehend my style at the present time, I will simply have to allow it to develop on them. I would agree that simply give it an opportunity so it can develop. It tends to be confounding from the start, however on the off chance that individuals can imagine what the melody is attempting to show, then, at that point, it will ideally develop on them.”

The lyricist then continued on to make sense of how she carries life to her tunes.

“What I do is simply to flow on the instrumental rendition of a track in the wake of selecting the best beats,” she said. “I pay attention to the track multiple times and afterward begin putting down songs. I as a rule utilize my most memorable songs that just come from my heart. Then, I step back and break down the tune to improve them suit my artists. It as a rule requires a few hours to get a ‘tune draft,’ which has all songs for next to nothing. The entire course of making a K-pop track takes around five to six hours. The opposition among arrangers is so firm these days since everyone all over the planet needs to compose for K-pop. Along these lines, I must be fast. I at times just have eight hours to finish everything
As Wilson said, the existence of a K-pop musician isn’t calm, yet she actually cherishes her work.

“I think the best thing about my occupation is that I can make the things I love consistently and see such countless individuals who love my works. At the point when I saw a video highlighting a large number of ENHYPEN fans singing together my melody, ‘Favored Revile’ (2022) at the gathering’s new show, I was genuinely cheerful.”

Wilson wrapped up the meeting by unveiling who she needs to work with in the near future.

“Later on, I really want to believe that I have the opportunity to make tunes for BTS, IVE, Kep1er and NCT,” she said. “I additionally need to extend my vocation toward the Western market.”

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