LIE into global family brands

Lee chung has eyes set on building the Untruth brand, instead of turning into No. 1 originator
A developing number of Korea’s style brands and planners are growing their presence in the worldwide market, displaying their assortments at significant design weeks and sending off leader stores abroad.

Lee chung, CEO and inventive overseer of Falsehood, and child of veteran style architect Untruth Sang-bong, the pioneer behind Korean design house Falsehood Sangbong, plans to develop the two his image and his dad’s image into internationally known marks.

“One of my fantasies is to keep Falsehood Sangbong a worldwide design brand like Gucci and Prada. By featuring the couture’s imaginative worth, I might want to make it into a brand that addresses Korea,” Lee said during a meeting with The Korea Envoy at a Falsehood display area in southern Seoul.

Lee is likewise the chief VP at Falsehood Sangbong.

The 43-year-old fashioner began working under his dad after his re-visitation of Korea toward the finish of 2010, sure of his gifts and abilities that were at that point perceived in the UK, he said.

In the wake of going to Focal Holy person Martins two times – first to concentrate on craftsmanship and plan and afterward to concentrate on style configuration worked in menswear – – Lee sent off A.Hallucination, a menswear brand, in London in 2010. He additionally won numerous honors, including the Vauxhall Style Scout grant, which he won for two sequential years, and Design’s Best Honors.

While he valued his favored climate, Lee said that having the “Falsehood Sang-bong’s child” label chasing after him has been a great deal of tension.
Without the experience of accomplishing things all alone, remembering exhibiting assortments for London, I wouldn’t have the option to prepare myself for working here,” he said.

Due to individuals’ biases, Lee never pondered turning into a style originator as a kid. Growing up with in the middle of working guardians, he needed to have a normal way of life with a nine-to-six work. Lee even studied history schooling, aim on turning into an educator.

Lee started the second part of his style profession with his presentation as a womenswear fashioner at the “Who’s Next Paris 2012.” Impacted by his dad, who is an eminent couturier, he yearned to send off a womenswear brand and sent off LIE in 2012.
LIE, which means “Life is an Articulation,” is a ladies’ image that assists ladies with communicating their uniqueness, magnificence and qualities, the planner made sense of. Its trademark “Flawed but in a good way” is much of the time utilized in his assortments, which looks to communicate the variety and uniqueness of people.

“There is no particular dream for Untruth. We are somewhat roused by the soul of ladies who had the guts to take up difficulties,” he said. He refered to Amelia Earhart, who was the principal lady to fly performance constant across the Atlantic, and Lis Hartel, a Paralympic equestrian who was the primary lady to win a decoration against men in direct contest as instances of motivational ladies who took on difficulties.

LIE is sold at niche stores and retail chains in excess of 60 nations, including Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Turkey, Center East, the US, Canada and nations in Europe.
LIE was one of the four neighborhood architect brands supported by Seoul Style Week to arrange shows at the 2022 fall-winter Paris Design Week sooner this month. This was Untruth’s subsequent catwalk show in Paris, following a grandstand of the 2019 spring-summer assortment. It likewise denoted Untruth’s most memorable in-person runway show since the spread of Coronavirus.

“The idea of the 2022 fall-winter assortment began with an intriguing thought – – a ski excursion to the Alps with your pet plants. Since the idea of being ‘companions’ with pet creatures and pet plants has as of late become significant, the assortment recommended an ecstatic excursion in magnificent nature, partaking in an apres-ski with most loved pet plants far away from smothering city life,” the planner said.

“It are critical to “Appreciate and monitoring the climate. So the assortment was planned utilizing reused materials,” he said. He said his packs were planned with an upcycling idea, teaming up with craftsman Yeon Nu-ri to allow individuals an opportunity to contemplate “the worth of conjunction with the climate, as opposed to seeing the be Lee, who started abroad deals of Falsehood Sangbong and LIE in the mid 2000s and 2013, separately, said Korean style’s situation in the worldwide market has changed a ton.

He reviewed how Untruth Sangbong’s nation of beginning was once set apart as North Korea at an abroad show corridor.

“Unfamiliar purchasers couldn’t differentiate between the two Koreas in those days. They thought Korea was a country on the outskirts of style. In any case, presently they invite Korean brands, pose numerous inquiries about the item quality and believe us.”
auty or cons Lee painted a blushing viewpoint for Korea’s style industry. It will probably check an achievement internationally, because of the ubiquity of K-pop, Korean motion pictures and Korean food. Because of dynamic advancements by capable Korean style planners, Korea is a major point in the worldwide design industry, he said.

More sharp consideration from neighborhood merchants and customers, combined with style marks’ dynamic advancements can additionally improve the place of Korea’s design all around the world, Lee said. Deals of Korean design items in the nation are undeniably less contrasted with other Korean substance, in spite of its high potential, Lee called attention to.

Design is at this point not an item, yet a culture, as per Lee. One of the brand development techniques for Untruth is sending off joint effort items in association with organizations in different fields, including top of the line alcohol creators, lodgings, galleries and automakers.
uming it.”

While his objective as a style planner is to make new qualities by blending and matching components that everybody can appreciate and showing them through Falsehood items, Lee likes to make a dearest brand instead of turning into a No. 1 architect. The aggressive architect means to advance the possibility that “Untruth Sang-bong is to LIE as Prada is to Miu.”

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