Music is about savoring, not competing

World music craftsman uncovers why he hasn’t delivered a collection in 18 years

By Dong Sun-hwa

Most vocalists discharge collections consistently ― or possibly every so often ― all through their vocations. Yet, world music craftsman Hareem doesn’t. This unique performer has not placed out another collection in that frame of mind, out of the conviction that music isn’t about commercialization and contest, yet is more about relishing and sharing. Hareem, whose genuine name is Choi Hyun-charm, said he didn’t understand the real worth of music when he was youthful.

The 45-year-old started his singing vocation as an individual from the band VEN in 1996, with the collection “ONE,” and went it alone in 2001 with the collection, “Split Character.” However soon after making his performance debut, he started voyaging various nations, including Namibia and Ireland, to uncover the “genuine explanation” for why he had been doing music. What’s more, by investigating performers outside Korea who had been fashioning their own ways, he got a clue.

“Because of my globe-jogging venture, I took in a vital example that music isn’t just for exceptional individuals with shocking creative ability,” Hareem told The Korea Times in a new meeting, which occurred at a bistro in Seongdong Region, eastern Seoul.

“It is for everybody to appreciate. In any case, when individuals become fixated on the prospect that they ought to carry out a collection and rival others to snatch the best positions on music diagrams ― very much like a few pop vocalists in Korea ― they effectively get worried and go off the bubble in music. Yet, the artists I met all over the planet were very unique, and these skilled artists acting in the road or at bars looked upbeat and hopeful. So they assisted me with understanding the genuine importance and worth of music, driving me to stroll in their strides.”

So Hareem started drenching himself in world music, which he characterizes as the “music made inside individuals’ souls.”

“A huge number find the conventional hints of world music new and significant, yet as a matter of fact, world music is a sort of society music that can tell the different accounts of normal individuals,” he made sense of. “In the wake of falling enthralled with its, I found a method for getting a charge out of music without limit and presently, I don’t actually see the need to disclose my tunes as a component of a collection … Assuming that I produce a collection, I likewise need to create a few gains out of it and reimburse cash to my record mark for its commitment, and that loads me, as well.”

As a matter of fact, Hareem’s most recent studio collection, “Whistle in a Labyrinth” ― which offered a progression of hits like “Love Failed to remember by Another Affection” ― turned out in 2004, almost twenty years prior. However, it will require greater investment for his next collection to stir things up around town, as he is more into playing out nowadays.

He picked the “Africa Overland” show as one of his number one shows.

“I have been playing this gig for almost 10 years,” he said. “For the show, I sing my unreleased tunes, such as ‘Pouring Serengeti,’ which I created utilizing my guitar and ukulele, while I was remaining in Africa. I planned it to be seen like a melodic play with a storyline, so the crowd can feel like they are taking a visit through different African nations.”

Hareem, a representative for the Korea-Africa Establishment who has a profound love toward Africa and its kin, has likewise been running a task named “Guitar for Africa” for north of 10 years. Through the undertaking, he has sent many guitars ― instruments that are frequently unreasonably expensive for youngsters out of luck ― to hopeful performers in Africa, assisting them with sustaining their melodic ability.

“Guitar for Africa” drove one of the vocalist hopefuls to satisfy her fantasy.

“10 years prior, I visited a music school for Malawian kids who had lost their folks and introduced a guitar to one of the young ladies who had an extraordinary talent for singing. A couple of years after the fact, she turned into a vocalist and we had a sad gathering.”

The young lady likewise let Hareem know that she gave her guitar to her understudy, one more kid who longed for turning into a vocalist
“I think this is the spread of positive energy and impact,” he said happily. “My guitars will be played by various African youngsters and assist them with living their fantasies.”

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