Music to be played until Russian invasion of Ukraine end

Cello teacher holds shows consistently wanting for harmony in Ukraine

By Lee Yeon-charm

From Handel’s popular aria “Lascia ch’io pianga” to Korean artist Yang Hee-eun’s “Morning Dew,” lovely cello songs held occupied office laborers in careful focus during lunch hour on May 6. The music was from “Show for Harmony,” which is held each work day at 12:30 p.m. for 30 minutes before Ewha Young ladies’ Secondary School in Jeong-dong, focal Seoul.

The exceptional venture was begun on Walk 21 by famous cellist Bae Il-hwan, a teacher of symphonic music at Ewha Womans College, expecting harmony in war-torn Ukraine, fully intent on proceeding with the shows until the Russian attack of Ukraine closes.

The area for the presentation is just 300 meters from the Russian Government office in Korea. Bae at first looked to hold it before the consulate, yet it was unthinkable as per the law, so they picked the ongoing spot which is nearby.

“I realize this show can’t end Russia’s attack. In any case, I realize music can move individuals’ hearts. I trust the message arrives at Russians whose eyes and ears are shut,” Bae told the Korea Times after the May 6 show.

Various artists come to play out each work day. Despite the fact that there is no installment or prize, a ton of performers have reached him about partaking in the show willfully, so the setup for the impending month is as of now full. Moves on from Ewha Womans College, individual scholastics and other familiar artists are the fundamental entertainers of the show series, however frequently there are likewise altogether new figures: one Russian musician living in Korea additionally vowed to partake.

“The musician said that it was humiliating to call me to act in the show as a Russian. Notwithstanding, the piano player said that despite the fact that something could occur (to oneself) in the wake of getting back to Russia, he/she will readily get through the battle,” Bae said, adding that the Russian musician’s exhibition will be held in June.

Playing out each work day is definitely not a simple errand to do, yet the help of the crowd gives extraordinary inspiration, as indicated by Bae. Around 30 individuals halted and watched Friday’s presentation. One onlooker ― thought to be Russian or Ukrainian, as indicated by Bae ― burst out crying while “Lascia ch’io pianga” was played a few days ago.

“To start with, I just pondered staying true to my commitment to perform. Be that as it may, I’m very appreciating it now. It is more remunerating to play the cello in this road than in Carnegie Lobby,” Bae said.

The teacher is likewise conversing with the Ukrainian Consulate in Korea to orchestrate separate shows there.
Artists partaking in the shows likewise major areas of strength for show for Bae’s assurance and their desire for the attack to end.

Yang Guibee, a teacher in Ewha Womans College’s Branch of Voice who partook in Friday’s show, said she trusts her cooperation adds to improving Ukraine’s circumstance despite the fact that she is far away in another country.

“I had numerous Ukrainian and Russian partners when I lived in Germany for a considerable length of time until last year … A portion of my kindred Ukrainian associates couldn’t in fact get on the stage because of the mental shock,” Yang told The Korea Times. “I don’t have any idea how my voice could turn into an assistance, yet I trust my support behaves like a minuscule drop of water wearing through a stone out.”

Elena Litvinenko, an independent Ukrainian vocalist performing both in Ukraine and Korea beginning around 2017, was welcomed by Bae to sing the Ukrainian hymn in the show. “I realize a great deal of Koreans are supporting Ukraine and it is so contacting. I’m thankful that I can join this occasion,” she said.

Notwithstanding the show, Bae has reliably raised his voice on numerous social issues. He is a board individual from Lovely Psyche, a foundation that offers music schooling to individuals with handicaps and low-pay workers. The tale of the association’s ensemble, which comprises of the two individuals with handicaps and novice performers without handicaps, was made into a narrative film in 2018.

“Music conveys a great deal of messages. I’m a fragmented individual, and I’m likewise common. In any case, I will make an honest effort to be kind while doing these exercises,” he said.

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