Pianist Lim Dong-hyek: ‘Most nervous about performing in Korea’

Acclaimed musician to perform at The Korea Times’ show

Posting every one of the honors that musician Lim Dong-hyek has procured during his 20-year profession would consume a large chunk of the day, however to make reference to a couple, he positioned second at the Chopin Rivalry for Youthful Piano players in Russia at 12 years old, as the most youthful member that year, and won the fifth award at the Worldwide Busoni Piano Rivalry in Italy in 2000, preceding turning into the most youthful musician ever to ink a recording contract with EMI Works of art ― the traditional music mark behind universally acclaimed specialists like Nigel Kennedy, which later changed its name to Warner Works of art ― in 2005.

However, the 37-year-old who is known as a piano virtuoso actually experiences terrible anxiety in front of large audiences, which keeps him honest at whatever point he performs before a crowd of people.

“Most importantly, I’m the most anxious about acting in Korea, perhaps in light of the fact that I get to peruse a ton of remarks about me on the web subsequent to holding a show,” Lim said during a meeting with The Korea Times at Universe Workmanship Corridor in southern Seoul, Tuesday. “I think Korean crowds are not exceptionally liberal to Korean artists. They like to assume exceptionally of entertainers from the West, accepting that Asian performers are no counterpart for them. This predominant conviction or bias has not vanished throughout the long term, and in my eyes, it is an indication of xenocentrism,” he expressed, alluding to the inclination for a culture other than one’s own.

He added that he has seen various web-based remarks from Koreans reprimanding a Korean craftsman when the person supplanted a Western performer in an exhibition.

“A large number of web clients have gone after Korean performers without knowing how gifted they are,” he said. “I truly need to pressure that there are a ton of extraordinary Asian performers all over the planet.
Lim is planned to perform at The Korea Times’ yearly show ― with the current year’s title being “Spring Show: New Period Brings New Expectation” ― at Seoul Expressions Center at 5 p.m., Walk 26, while additionally holding six presentations cross country from Walk 18 in festival of the twentieth commemoration of his presentation.

The Spring Show, which is co-facilitated by the paper and its sister paper the Hankook Ilbo, means to convey a message of desire to the crowd in the midst of the continuous Coronavirus pandemic. In a joint effort with director Hong Seok-won and the Korean Ensemble Symphony, Lim will play Bizet’s Carmen Suggestion, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-level minor, Operation. 23, and Dvorak’s Ensemble No. 9 in E minor, Operation. 95 “From the New World.”

“As usual, I’m very anxious about the forthcoming occasion, generally on the grounds that I need to play pieces that I have not performed for a long time,” Lim said. “Tchaikovsky’s work is difficult too. Yet, I’m excited simultaneously, as I could possibly play the pieces in a new and different manner.
Lim is frequently commended for his fragile touch at the piano, with many considering his sentimentalism and sentimentalism as the royal gems of his exhibitions. Notwithstanding, he is very unique offstage. This striking and candid man doesn’t avoid communicating his perspectives on a scope of controversial problems, including legislative issues.

During the meeting, he showed up with the social blacklists against supportive of Vladimir Putin artists like Valery Gergiev and Denis Matsuev, set off by the continuous Russian attack of Ukraine, which is known as the biggest military clash in Europe since The Second Great War (1939-1945).

“I don’t know whether it is proper to force blacklists against artists, however I think it is unavoidable to put sanctions on Russia to deflect it from committing more harsh demonstrations,” remarked Lim, who moved to Russia at 10 years old and learned at the Moscow Focal Music School and the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Studio.

“The way that Putin plays had a urgent impact in resuscitating the Russian music and performing expressions industry part of the way makes sense of why there are so many supportive of Kremlin craftsmen. At the point when I was concentrating on in Russia in the last part of the 1990s, Putin raised the month to month compensation of ensemble individuals from $100 to $3,000 to assist them with earning enough to pay the bills and constructed another corridor for them, lifting the general nature of Russian music. Be that as it may, I accept this can’t pardon the monstrosities being committed by the Russian government at the present time.”
Lim ― who on Walk 10 put out his 6th collection highlighting Schubert’s Piano Sonata No. 20 in A Significant, D. 959 and negative. 21 in B level Major, D.960 ― wrapped up the meeting by discussing his life past the veneer.

“I’m feeling more discouraged as time passes by,” he uncovered. “As I become older, it turns out to be more hard to remain blissful and splendid. At the point when I was youthful, purchasing another sets of shoes or another cellphone could satisfy me, however nowadays, I truly need to battle to track down euphoria in my life. I likewise endeavor to have a go at something new and remain intellectually youthful, so I won’t go corroded and come out better as a performer

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