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At this moment, Wrong Then (Korean: 지금은맞고그때는틀리다; RR: Jigeumeun-matgo-geuttaeneun-teullida) is a 2015 South Korean movie composed and coordinated by Hong Sang-soo.[1] It won the Brilliant Panther, the top award at the 68th Locarno Global Film Celebration, as well as Best Entertainer for Jung Jae-youthful
Section 1
An arthouse movie chief, Ham Cheon-soo, goes to Suwon to screen one of his movies. While strolling around he sees a youthful, beautiful young lady. Seeing her a second time in a gift corridor in a sanctuary he starts up a discussion with her. Perceiving his name after he acquaints himself she concurs with go with him to a bistro. There she discusses how she used to function as a model yet found it unfilled and tedious regardless of earning substantial sums of money. She as of now fills in as a painter. As he has shown up a day ahead of schedule and has nothing else to do, Cheon-soo goes with Yoon Heejung to her studio and watches her paint. Subsequently he takes her out for sushi and they become inebriated on soju. Cheon-soo tells Heejung he values her as a lady and the two tease. Cheon-soo tells Heejung he prefers her as a companion and afterward as in excess of a companion. He unsteadily digs through his pockets looking for a ring he can give her yet Heejung becomes gloomy letting him know that she has no companions. Cheon-soo goes out for a smoke and Heejung recollects that she has a little assembling to go to for her companion’s birthday. She asks Cheon-soo to go with her and he does.
The night turns sour anyway when Heejung lets her companions know how contacted she was by the things that Cheon-soo enlightened her concerning her canvas in the display and her companion uncovers that he has expressed numerous comparative things in interviews. She likewise raises his standing as a womanizer and the way that he is hitched, which he affirms. Heejung goes to rests to work off being tipsy. At the point when Cheon-soo attempts to move toward her again she advises him to leave. Returning home her mom chides her for being tipsy.
At the screening the next day Cheon-soo is loomed over and acts furious and inconsistent at the post-film conversation. A companion of Heejung’s shows up and provides him with her very own book composing. Cheon-soo passes on to return to Seoul.
Section 2
Once more, the day starts over. Cheon-soo again goes to the sanctuary where he sees Heejung and presents himself. At the café he gets some information about her life and she lets him know she lives with her mom and never sees her dad since he separated from her mom and moved to Seoul.
Cheon-soo goes to Heejung’s atelier where he tells her that she paints with certainty however it seems like the artistic creation was made for her alone. He tells her she should be bolder with her decisions yet that the nature of the artwork is there. Heejung is offended that he was so offending about her composition. To get away from her displeasure Cheon-soo goes out for a smoke. Heejung drives him to the housetop where she focuses to where her house is.
At the sushi eatery, Cheon-soo goes for a smoke prior and afterward returns. He tells Heejung she is lovely and she inquires as to whether he is a womanizer. She then asks him for what good reason he had said that she appeared to be miserable from her painting, and he tells her that she projects that quality. She trusts in him that she has no companions and he tells her that it’s okay, that is likely only how she is. Cheon-soo then tells Heejung he cherishes her and needs to wed her yet can’t as he’s hitched with two youngsters. He starts to cry. Heejung lets him know she feels miserable and wishes they met at a prior time. Cheon-soo gives her a ring that he found in the city and Heejung calls it their wedding band. Heejung again welcomes him to meet her companions.
At the social occasion her companions are more open and find Cheon-soo kind and in contrast to his standing. Urged to drink by Heejung’s companions he momentarily makes out and plays it look like a touch of play-acting. He then, at that point, starts unsteadily removing his garments, causing them a deep sense of caution.
Cheon-soo goes to awaken Heejung and tells her he needs to leave. However she is at first hesitant to do as such inspired by a paranoid fear of what it will resemble she ultimately chooses to go. Heading back home she gets a call from her mom who asks her where she is and tells her that Cheon-soo stripped before her companions which she views as silly.
Cheon-soo strolls her home however requests that she return out so they can talk. Heejung vows to do so and gives him a kiss on the cheek before her mom emerges and she heads inside. Cheon-soo stays outside smoking trusting she will come out in the future before ultimately surrendering.
The evaluating for his movie works out positively and Cheon-soo stays outside conversing with the mediator and an associate chief. Heejung emerges to talk with him and the two wish each other well before she heads back inside to see the remainder of the film celebration. Prior to leaving Cheon-soo returns to the theater to express farewell to her and she lets him know that she’ll observe each of his movies from here on out.
• Jung Jae-youthful as Ham Chun-su
• Kim Min-hee as Yoon Hee-jung
• Youn Yuh-jung as Kang Deok-soo
• Gi Ju-bong as Kim Won-ho
• Choi Hwa-jung as Bang Soo-youthful
• Yoo Jun-sang as Ahn Seong-gook
• Website design enhancement Youthful hwa as Joo Youthful sil
• Go Ah-sung as Yeom Bo-ra
Basic gathering
On survey aggregator site Spoiled Tomatoes, the film holds an endorsement rating of 92% in light of 48 audits, and a typical rating of 7.5/10. The site’s basic agreement peruses, “At the present time, Wrong Then, at that point, offers veering viewpoints on an opportunity meeting – – and provocative perceptions on human collaborations in general.”[8] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted typical score of 81 out of 100, in light of 16 pundits, specifying “widespread acclaim”.[9] In 2020, The Gatekeeper positioned it number 6 among the works of art of current South Korean Film

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