TWICE to drop new EP ‘Between 12

Famous K-pop young lady bunch Two times will return Friday with its eleventh EP, “Between 12,” the gathering’s administration organization said.

The collection comprises of seven tracks associated under the subject of the connection between ONCE, the gathering’s worldwide being a fan, and Two times as the title “Between 12” suggests, as per JYP Diversion.

The EP had previously outperformed 1 million duplicates in preorders as of Wednesday, proclaiming the band’s ascent to be the third K-pop young lady bunch with 1,000,000 selling collection after BLACKPINK and aespa.

Remembered for the collection are the lead single, “Talk that Discussion,” and the English-language tune “Sovereign of Hearts.”

“Talk that Discussion” is a playful summer tune with a retro energy that helps audience members to remember the year 2000, which is connected with “Liquor Free,” the lead single of the gathering’s tenth EP delivered in June last year, as per the organization.

The new tune was created by nearby arranger collapsedone, behind the gathering’s past hits “Thump,” “What is Love?” and “The Feels.”

Part Nayeon said in an official statement from JYP that the tune is a habit-forming retro style track about attempting to get the other individual to express everything at the forefront of their thoughts. The organization incorporated a record of its meeting with musicians in the delivery to advance the collection.

Momo said the tune is great to hear during this season, when summer is going to end.

In “Sovereign of Hearts,” the band communicates thanks to every one of those made its valuable recollections. The English creation group LDN Commotion, which is answerable for a significant number of K-pop’s greatest singles in the beyond couple of years, partook in the tune’s creation.

The band said the EP feels even more significant in light of the fact that its delivery comes after every one of the nine bandmates as of late restored agreements with their organization.

“Thus, I’m much more amped up for our impending exercises with the collection,” Jeongyeon said.
“Since we’re returning following nine months and it’s our most memorable collection as a full gathering this year, I’m exceptionally invigorated and apprehensive. In particular, I’m so eager to meet ONCE face to face after quite a while,” Momo added.

The agreement recharging broke the purported seven-year revile, an emergency experienced by numerous K-pop symbol bunches around the seventh year of their introductions. The term is utilized by K-pop fans to allude to numerous icon gatherings’ propensity to disband or begin to leave their organizations and gatherings following seven years in the business, which is the standard length of select agreements between K-pop symbols and their organizations. This “revile” has hit various gatherings, for example, 2NE1, Miss A, GFriend, Lovelyz and April.

The last collection partook in by the gathering’s all’s nine individuals was “Recipe of Affection: O+T=
“Between 12” will drop at 1 p.m., when it will be 12 PM in the US (Eastern Standard Time). Two times will play out the collection’s tracks live interestingly through its YouTube channel at 9 p.m.

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