utout piano to Steinway, Aviram Reichert shows persistence leads to success

SNU teacher expresses receptiveness to individual understanding of music is key for understudies

By Hagit Gili Gluska

Aviram Reichert is an amazing piano soloist in the field of traditional music. He is known for his profoundly astute understandings, sending out strategy and lovely vibe. Reichert is a teacher of piano at the music school of one of the highest level colleges in Korea, Seoul Public College (SNU), and he is likewise very much perceived as one of Steinway’s piano craftsmen.

Yet, he didn’t begin as a youthful understudy who could get an adequate number of monetary and different sorts of help from his folks to go to a tip top training with quality teachers.

He was brought into the world in Israel to an unfortunate European Jewish worker’s loved ones. At six years of age, he began to show an interest in the piano during a visit to a neighbor’s home. Reichert moved toward his neighbor while he was playing and attempted to rehash the music he had quite recently heard. The neighbor, who was a piano educator, perceived his true capacity and that was where his life as a musician started.

His beginning was difficult. As his folks didn’t have the assets, they couldn’t get him a piano thus his dad fabricated him a phony piano from cardboard, and he rehearsed appreciate that consistently, without a sound. They likewise needed to choose a fair piano instructor.

My most memorable educator didn’t help me the correct method for utilizing my body while I was playing thus I battled with that for a long time. I feel like today I have won this conflict. However, the fight was intense,” he said.

His whole structure was abnormal and firm, Reichert reviewed. “Today when I educate, this is the primary thing I notice about my understudies,” he said, similar to a difficult parent to address his own folks’ missteps.

“Infectious excitement” would be a decent portrayal of the manner in which Reichert’s shows can influence his audience members. His exhibition is brimming with warmth, energy, energy and excitement, yet perhaps of the most lovely and valued highlight in his playing is the holding he has with different artists in front of an audience. Regardless of being a characteristic soloist, Reichert’s regard and thoughtfulness regarding the director and his kindred ensemble individuals is obviously recognizable.

Obviously, the piano player states decisively that ambiance music is his #1. “Regardless of whether you practice again and again with the wide range of various performers, you never fully know how it will turn out in a truly live show. Each performer plays distinctively by and by or in front of an audience. This makes the live show eccentric and invigorating. You need to feel different artists and they need to feel you. I generally emerge from those sorts of shows, where performers cooperate, with an unmistakable inclination that the entire is more noteworthy than the amount of its parts,” he said.

Reichert has made an incredible number of achievements as a musician, yet there are three awards which he views as extraordinary.

The first was the main award he succeeded at the Epinal Worldwide Piano Contest in France in 1995. “I arrived at this opposition after numerous disappointments and frustrations as a piano player, and this acknowledgment gave me another expectation that all that work wasn’t in vain. I guaranteed a put on the global stage.”

After a year, he got the principal prize in Korea’s most memorable worldwide rivalry that was held at Seoul Expressions Center. “Thinking back, this prize completely changed me,” he said.

He proceeded to win the Bronze Decoration at the 1997 Van Clibrun Global Piano Contest and after numerous long stretches of playing out all around the world and functioning as a scholastic at a college in Great Rapids, Michigan, the U.S., he found that the employees from SNU recollected that him from that verifiable rivalry in Korea. He went after a job as a teacher at the School of Music and was acknowledged. That was the start of the Korean part of his life.

“Korea outperformed all my most out of this world fantasies ― a solid country, so rich with old style music, which keeps on fostering constantly quantitatively and subjectively; a general public that values traditional music definitely and focuses profoundly on it,” Reichert said.

As a country that puts instruction as one of its main goals, Korea has fostered a whole industry to set up its young performers for college placement tests. Reichert shared his experience as an individual from the SNU’s selection test group: “The organizations that assist the understudies with getting ready for the placement test make their practice rooms seem to be the college tryout room down to the last detail, including the shade of the draperies and the sort of seats. Hence, the understudies are very thoroughly prepared to perform under tension when they come to the selection test.”

Frequently erroneously referring to his Korean understudies as “my kids” and afterward amending himself, he depicted them as being brimming with inspiration and enthusiasm for flawlessness, yet in addition recognized the troubles that they have when they show up at the college.

“They try sincerely and accompany a genuine enthusiasm to succeed, however some of them generally disapprove of the translation of the music and miss the mark on fortitude to offer their viewpoints. … The most lovely things occur inside this scope of translation, so when I choose whether to take an understudy under my direction or not, I attempt to converse with that person and thoroughly search in their eyes and see whether ‘their entryway is open’ for groundbreaking insights,” he said.

While his ability, determination and good faith have brought the young man up until this point and are as yet a motivation to anybody looking for progress, the musician discussed what he accepts to be ability: “Many individuals discuss ‘ability,’ however I don’t trust in ability in the standard significance. The genuine ability is to try sincerely and continue to go when you are on the top as well as when you come up short, when you feel awful, wiped out, drained and hungry ― that is the genuine ability.”

Brought into the world in Israel, Hagit Gili Gluska is a violin producer who changed her vocation following quite a while of providing legal counsel at the workplace of Israel’s State Lawyer. She concentrated on the craft of violin making in Italy and from that point forward has worked in both Italy and Korea. She spends significant time in making violins, violas and cellos.

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